Has anyone translated Chacha's most recent blog post yet?  There is, like, one sentence that I simply can't make sense of and it's driving me crazy (probably because it's 1am where I am and no matter how I look at it I can't figure out what a サウナ has to do with anything.) 


  • Watch/listen to this song (lyrics are in the vid).  
  • Fic must be influenced by or include a part of the song. 
  • Fic must be GACKT & JOB centric (no Hyde/MYV/Yoshiki/etc) past members okay.
Reason: Because I've read every single GacktJOB fic on the net and I need more and I can't think of a better community since this one is full of amazing writers.

Bonus: For every fic written with this theme I'll donate $5 to ShowYourHeart (Deadline of April 4th, noon EST for this part)
Palace of Versailles

Selling a CD

Hello everyone! ^_^ I'm selling my copy of Vienna's Overture for $15. It includes my favorite tracks from the band, but I am trying to cut down on my belongings before I move. The case is in good condition, CD perfect!

Please leave a comment if you are interested! Chachamaru's voice sounds amazing in this album, if you haven't heard it you shouldn't hesitate.


Mod post: Activities?

Since we have quite a few new members since I was last contributing here, I guess I should start with an introduction. Hi. I'm Twisted, your very silent mod. I'm kind of the mother of this place, I guess. Myrrh agreed to do most of the moderating since I have a tendency to get swallowed up by life outside of LJ, which is why you all know and love her and have no clue who I am. ^__^;; I'm currently wrapping up two bachelors, one in Human Rights and one in Japanese, while simultaneously trying to learn Korean on the side. Yes, I'm a bit of an over-achiever at times. No, the Korean is not really progressing at all.
I love Seoul, even in the winter when it's *18* cold, and I adore the Japanese country side in the summer when the rain is pouring down in buckets. Tokyo is ok, but I find Kyoto to be dreadfully boring. I like to watch (both japanese and korean) dorama and pretend that I'm studying, and when time permits I enjoy taking photographs of anything and everything.

On to the modding bit: Myrrh & I were always talking about activities for this place, but we never got around to actually doing anything. Since I no longer have Myrrh to dump all the work on, I thought it might be a good idea to start putting in a bit more effort. So, how do you all feel about activities such as contests, etc? Feedback and suggestions (not just regarding activities, if there are any kind of improvements you'd like to see, let me know), please. ^__^

Now that the serious stuff has been taken care of, I think we could all use some fun. \^__^/ Collapse )

Mod Post - New Moderator needed....


Pretty much, with the exception of a few people, everyone I know has abandoned LJ. Perhaps it is time for me to go as well. This is a period of change for me, with starting my new business, getting married, getting back to writing...maybe it's time for me to make some changes in blogging.

I'll be leaving guitarchangel up, and if there are any time to make caps from the new tour DVD I will do so. I will not be available to moderate, probably, so if anyone is interested please get in touch with me or with twistedserious (who has also moved on but is reachable, I think.)

To those I have met here, I hope we meet again somewhere, sometime. Especially my forever beloved - even though time and space and life have taken their toll, you will always be my forever. For everything - Domo arigato gozaimashita.

Sayanora. (for now)

Edit: I think twistedserious is going to be head mod, and I'm going to float into the background, and we'll see how that works out for everybody. We'll do our best to keep the journal running. ^__^
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