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Title: Misadventures at Gackt's House
Author: TwistedSerious
Rating: PG-13
Warning: General mistreatment of pretty much everyone & some boy on boy action.
Pairing: Chacha/Yukihiro and a little bit of Gackt/Hyde
AN: About 18 months ago, kagome_angel wrote me a Yuki/Yuki fic (yeah, I find strange pairings amusing ^__^). Ever since, I've been itching to write the same story from Cha's perspective. My version plays out quite differently, though.
Summary: What really happened on the night that Chacha passed out in the bathroom.

"I don't see why we can't just go out somewhere..." Cha stabbed lightly at the wooden cutting board lying on the counter top in front of him.
Gackt closed the door of the refrigerator behind him, balancing a bag of lemons on one arm. "It's better to just stay home, in case..."
"In case you have sudden urges to get laid?" Cha pouted, almost slipping with the knife as he made another jab at the board.
"I didn't give you that thing so you could hack up my kitchen." Gackt glared at Cha, putting down the bag next to him. "You're supposed to be slicing lemons with it. And you're just crabby because you're not getting any."
"Yes! Yes, I am." Cha ripped the bag open, spilling the content over the counter. He watched gleefully as a few of the lemons rolled over the edge and bounced onto the floor. "It's been 12 weeks."
"You've been counting?" Gackt caught one just as it was about to roll off the counter.
"So would you if it had been 3 months since you last got some." He grabbed the lemon from Gackt's hand, placing it on the cutting board and whacking it in half with the knife.
"Going out somewhere obviously wouldn't do you any good. You still wouldn't get any." Gackt bent down, collecting the fallen fruit. "Face it, old timer. You've lost your touch."
"Say that again. I dare you." Cha glared at him, punctuating his words with the knife.
Gackt smirked. "You're too old to get any."
"Wanna bet?" Cha pulled himself up to full height, which admittedly wasn't very impressive.
"Ha!" Gackt laughed, poking Cha in the chest with his index finger. "I'll give you a million yen if you manage to get some ass tonight."
"You're on." Cha took a moment to smirk confidently before resuming his slicing duties.
You entered the kitchen, a slightly confused expression on his face. "I can't find the shot glasses."
"They're in there somewhere." Gackt motioned in the general direction of the living room, piling the fallen lemons neatly on the counter.
"Are you sure?" He opened the nearest cabinet, tiptoeing to get a clear view of the top shelf.
"That's where we used them last." Gackt crawled under the table, rolling out the last of the escaped lemons.
You sunk back on his feet again, closing the cabinet doors gently. "You didn't just leave them there after using them. Are you sure you didn't put them away in here after you washed them?"
"No. I might have done that, now that you mention it." He crawled back out again, almost knocking his head against the table as he stood back up.
You snorted, shaking his head as he opened the second cabinet. "Ah, here they are."
"I knew you'd find them." He gave You a gleeful pat on the back, tossing the last lemon over to Cha. "By the way, Chacha and I have a bet going."
"Yeah?" You took out the glasses one by one, lining them up on the counter.
Gackt hopped up to sit on the counter, wiggling about for a bit to get into a comfortable position. "I want you to keep an eye on him. In case I'm occupied with other things, you know."
"You want me to keep an eye on him?" You looked around the kitchen, obviously searching for something he wasn't finding. "Where do you hide your trays?"
Gackt reached behind his back, groping around a bit before maneuvering out a green plastic tray with little suns on it. "Just make sure he doesn't leave the house." He handed You the tray.
"Hey, that wasn't part of the bet." Cha snapped his head up, having been listening quite carefully to the conversation while pretending to be engrossed in piling slices on a plate.
Gackt snorted, digging his hands into his pockets with some difficulty. "It should have been, and it is now. You want a million yen, you'd better win the bet within the four walls of this house."
"Why?" If he didn't think it would have been perceived as incredibly childish and retold with much delight by Gackt the entire evening, Cha would have stomped his foot in protest.
Gackt wormed his hands out of his pockets again, bracing himself against the counter and pulling his legs up. "So you don't cheat. If I'm not available to witness it, You will be."
"You don't trust me, is that it?" Cha crossed his arms over his chest, a slightly amused tone creeping into his voice.
"Spot on." Gackt grinned, pointing at Cha with his left foot. "And don't even think about doing it with You just to prove you didn't cheat."
You looked momentarily perplexed. "What exactly did you two make a bet about?"
"That's our secret." Gackt turned to point his foot at You instead. "Just do your part."
You arched a brow, leaning against the edge of the counter. "And what exactly do I get out of this?"
Gackt put his foot back down on the counter again, tucking it in under his right leg. "You get to know that you're a good friend."
Gackt, You and Cha were well into their first hour of drinking before the others arrived. It had given Cha ample time to examine both the situation he found himself in, as well as his options. By his 4th shot of tequila, he had found that while he didn't particularly want to sleep with any of the unattached members of L'Arc, he wasn't turned off by the thought either. Tetsu was happy and bouncy, just like himself, which could prove to be a lot of fun. Yukihiro was a bit of a space cadette, to put it mildly, but in its own way it was kinda cute. And Ken was practically oozing of sexy. While Cha generally tried to stay far away from all sorts of oozing, he didn't mind this kind at all. By his 7th shot, he had decided that even if rejection was a far greater possibility in this situation than it'd be if he were to approach a person of ordinary standings, Gackt's victorious gloating would sting worse than being turned down. By his 11th shot, which he slammed down just as Hyde's key turned in the lock, he had concluded that the best way of seducing one of the three would be to just go for it.
"Finally." Gackt bounced out of his seat, sprinting for the door.
You shook his head, rubbing his temples but smiling slightly. "I suppose we should go make the rest of the band feel welcome as well."
They followed the sound of happy chirping into the hallway, where Gackt was helping Hyde out of his jacket. Tetsu and Ken had either already freed themselves from their coats, or come without any. They squeezed past Gackt and Hyde in the narrow hallway. "You'd think he could afford a bigger house." Ken joked, a burning cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth as he spoke.
Cha slung his arm over Ken's shoulder, trying to usher him into the living room as smoothly as possible. "Hey, Ken. When's the last time you got laid?"
"Yesterday. Why?" If the question struck Ken as odd or too personal in any way at all, it didn't show.
Before Cha had a chance to say anything else, Gackt interrupted. "Chacha's got these weird sores on his best friend that he wants to show you. You know, he figures since you get a lot of action, you must know what it is. It's some exotic STD or another, we've figured out that much."
Ken wrinkled his nose, shrugging Cha's arm off his shoulders. "Really? He showed it to you?"
Cha hadn't had any idea of just how far Gackt was willing to go to win a bet, and it took him a moment to regain his bearings after the jolting discovery. "I do not have a sexually transmitted disease!"
Ken grinned and shook his head, staying at an arm's length distance. "Ok. Whatever, man. What goes on down there is your business."
Cha tried his best not to be discouraged by the setback, vowing to himself to be out of ear-shot from Gackt for his next try. As he got up to get more lemon slices from the kitchen, Tetsu kindly offered to help him. Since it was quite obviously a task easily performed by one person, Cha celebrated silently. Not only was it a golden opportunity, just the two of them in the relative privacy of another room, but Tetsu clearly wanted to get Cha alone. As he opened the refrigerator door and pulled out a plate of pre-sliced lemons, he felt that expected hand on his shoulder. He took a deep breath, closing the door and turning to lean against it. "What's up, Tetsu?" He tried on one of those seductive grins he'd seen Ken pull out so many times.
Tetsu squeezed his shoulder lightly, smiling softly. "Listen, I heard about your problem."
Cha nearly dropped the plate, grasping it firmly as he felt it starting to slip out of his fingers. "You- did..?"
"Yeah." Tetsu nodded, still smiling. "It's no big deal. I got it too."
Cha almost dropped the plate a second time. "...You do?" He could feel his fingers starting to spasm at the unbelievable absurdity of the situation. He swallowed hard, realizing he was still grinning like an idiot. Hastily, he put on what he hoped was an appropriately solemn face.
"It's almost gone now." Tetsu immediately looked more serious too. "You just have to wait for it to go away completely, and then you'll be good to go again. So don't worry about it." He gave Cha's shoulder one last squeeze before letting go.
If he had been a superstitious man, Cha would have thought the gods were playing some cruel joke on him. As it was, he figured he had the worst damn luck in the world. The night had barely started, and he had already struck out twice. Looking around the room, he contemplated his remaining options. Ken thought he had some aggressive form of genital herpes, so he'd have no luck trying to get some there. Tetsu apparently did have it, so there was no way he'd sleep with him. Gackt would beat him to a bloody pulp if he tried to make a move on either Hyde or You, and he would refuse any advances towards himself, if for no other reasons simply to win. That only left Yukihiro, his last hope to satisfy his urges and prove once and for all that he was still just as hot as Gackt. He took a deep swig from the tequila bottle, forgetting to chase it down with a slice of lemon. It tasted horrible, scratching at the inside of his mouth and throat. He stifled a cough into the crook of his elbow, squinting his eyes together as he waited for the burning to stop. As he opened them, he saw Tetsu smiling sympathetically at him, nodding in apparent understanding.
"Hey, where's Yuki?" He looked around the room once more, realizing he had yet to see the kooky drummer.
"Probably still trying to get out of his jacket." Ken said, pulling a deck of cards out of the back pocket of his pants.
Cha frowned, looking in the direction of the hallway. "What's he wearing, a straight jacket?"
"Yeah." Ken handed the deck over to Tetsu, who took it and started shuffling like he was born to do nothing else.
Cha quirked a brow. "Seriously?"
"It looks a lot like it." Ken leaned back in his chair, draping an arm across the back in a very lazy manner. "Got tons of buckles and shit."
"Maybe someone should go help him?" He suggested, looking back and forth between Ken, Tetsu and Hyde.
There was a lot of coughing and shuffling around in seats before Ken finally spoke. "He's a big boy. Besides, he's gotta learn to do it on his own."
"And you know the old saying. Don't come between a man and his jacket." Tetsu said, looking uncharacteristically serious as he cut the deck.
Cha bit down on his tongue, stopping himself from snorting in disbelief. "Who ever said that?"
"I don't know. But that doesn't mean it's not true." Tetsu pointed out very matter-of-factly. "Don't worry about it, if he needs help he'll come ask for it. Let's just get the game started."
Cha shrugged, deciding to drop the subject. "What are we playing tonight?"
"Go Fish!" Gackt pried himself loose from Hyde's tight embrace, his eyes glowing with what was either anticipation or arousal. "Remember? It's Go Fish night!"
Cha groaned on the inside. He'd been around long enough to know that while Go Fish might be entertaining at first, it would soon turn into a battle of wills, complete with trash talk and stare downs. "Uhm. I think I'll just go see if Yuki needs help with that jacket after all."
He stood up and made his way into the hallway. Someone had been kind enough to turn off the lights, but he had no trouble making out the silhouette of Yuki, and his battle of wills. There was no trash talk, though, and as far as Cha could tell, no stare downs. He flicked on the light and watched for a moment, assessing the situation. Yuki had managed to get his jacket off almost completely, but not quite. His left wrist was still trapped in the sleeve, the jacket hanging inside out from his arm, and he was waiving it around wildly in what Cha assumed was an attempt to remove it.
"Do you need some help with that?" He walked closer carefully, not wanting to have his eye poked out by Yuki's fervent undressing.
"I just have to..." But Yuki didn't bother saying what he had to. Instead, he flung around, perhaps hoping to catapult the jacket off of his arm.
Unfortunately, Cha wasn't prepared for Yuki's sudden change in aim. He caught the jacket face first, feeling it wrap around his head with amazing speed and agility.
"There." Yuki sounded full of accomplishment. "Nothing to it."
"Yeah." Cha said, his voice oddly muffled by the thick fabric. "Well done."
"'d you..?" Yuki's voice was filled with surprise and a bit of inappropriate glee.
"Oh, I just wanted to know what your jacket smelled like." Cha said sarcastically. He had to admit to himself, though, that had he known what Yuki's jacket smelled like, he'd most likely have tried to get his head stuck in it purposely. It smelled faintly of ceder tree and kiwi fruit, which was a strange combination, but one that Cha found both remarkably fitting and pleasant.
"I didn't know you liked my jacket." Yuki said, pulling at the back of it so hard Cha almost fell over. "I guess it's a good thing, because you're really stuck in there. How are we gonna get you out?"
"Maybe if you pull from the other side?" Cha suggested, hoping that Yuki was still standing behind him. It was a lot harder to pinpoint the direction of sound with his head wrapped up, so there was really no telling where Yuki was located until he started pulling on Cha's head again.
After much pulling from Yuki and teeth gritting from Cha, the jacket finally came off. Cha straightened up, his back hurting a bit, and wiggled his nose. "Damn thing nearly pulled my nose of." He touched the tip of his nose gingerly to make sure it was still intact.
"It's done that to me a few times too." Yuki said, straightening out the jacket as much as possible before hanging it on one of the free hooks on the wall. "It's a dangerous piece of clothing."
Cha ran his fingers through his hairs a few times, hoping to smooth out his disheveled state at least a little bit. "Why do you wear it, then?"
"It looks good on me." Yuki grinned, shoving his hands in his back pockets and sticking out his chest confidently. "How's your nose feeling?"
"A little tender." Cha admitted. "I'll live."
"Want me to kiss it better?" Yuki asked, a mischievous glint in his eyes.
Cha blinked, wondering if his brain got oxygen deprived from his short imprisonment. He looked at Yuki, who was grinning back at him, and decided that he had most likely not misheard after all. For a split second he considered going for it, but a pity kiss on the nose was just so excruciatingly unsexy he wasn't sure he could live it down after every thing else that had happened.. "Uh. Thanks. I think I'll walk it off."
"Well, if you change your mind." Yuki said, leaving the last part of the offer unspoken. "So what's the game tonight?"
"Go Fish." It took some effort, but he was able to avoid rolling his eyes or sighing.
"Oh." Yuki seemed dispirited by the information, his shoulders drooping low.
"You don't like it?" Cha asked, feeling a flicker of hope. Maybe they could slip away to a more secluded part of the house...
He shrugged, his eyes wandering along the wall. "No no, I like it. It's just so..."
"Boring?" Cha grinned, his brain already conjuring up pictures of the two of them getting cozy in one of the empty guest rooms.
"Exactly!" He nodded firmly once, and then immediately shook his head instead. "No, I mean, it's not boring, it's..."
"It's ok if you don't like it." Cha laughed, giving the confused-looking drummer a light squeeze on the shoulder. He let his hand linger a moment too long to be entirely innocent. "How about if I give you a tour of the place instead? That way we don't have to sit around and pretend like we enjoy watching the others fight."
"I like watching them play." Yuki said with the slightest twitch of amusement at the corners of his mouth.
"Oh." Cha's mental images of himself and Yuki twisting themselves into pretzels of passion evaporated instantly.
"A tour sounds like fun, though. We can watch them play later." Yuki said cheerfully, tucking his arm under Cha's elbow. "Which way?"
"You aren't trying to sneak off, are you?" Gackt's voice reached them just as they exited the hallway and were about to turn up the stairs. Sometimes Cha hated how well the singer's voice carried under just about any circumstances.
He gritted his teeth together in frustration. He was trying to sneak off, and Gackt knew it despite Cha crossing every finger in the hopes that it would go unnoticed. He had no intention of leaving the house, naturally, since Gackt would swoop down and declare himself victorious if he did. He had, however, hoped for the tiniest bit of privacy. The STD stint was still stinging his pride, a fact Gackt was probably well aware of and trying to exploit to the fullest. "No. Of course not." He sighed and changed directions, heading back to the living room with Yuki in tow.
Much to Cha's surprise, watching the seemingly never-ending games of Go Fish was unusually entertaining. Most of the amusement factor was probably because of Yuki's perky commentary on every single card asked for, and every shot downed as a result. Gackt had very helpfully been much too busy with both his game and Hyde to deliver any more blows to Cha's slowly recovering self-esteem. The tension in Cha's body was dissipating, and he was finally beginning to unwind. Perhaps it was the alcohol, although Cha had a sneaking suspicion his new-found state of relaxation was because he was sitting so close to Yuki. Every time the other man moved, he could catch a faint aura of his scent. If he closed his eyes for a moment, he could almost feel the heat emitted from the drummer's body.
"Hello?" You waved his hand in front of Cha's nose.
"Hm?" Cha realized he'd been drifting off into dream-land again. "Sorry, I wasn't listening."
"Obviously." You snorted, shuffling the cards somewhat stiffly. "Are you gonna sit there and look lobotomized the entire evening, or are you gonna join in the next round?"
He glanced at Gackt, who was busy unwrapping Hyde's arm from his shoulder. "Pass."
"I need a pee break." Gackt said, standing up and straightening out the front of his crumpled shirt. "I'll just be a moment."
"Until I discover the mirror and need to make sure my eyebrows are neat." You said quietly in an uncanny impression of Gackt, just as the other started up the stairs.
"I heard that." Gackt shouted back down. "You're gonna be in a world of hurt when I get done with the mirror."
"He's got ears like a bat." Ken chuckled, taking a deep drag on his cigarette.
"That's not the only thing about him that's like a bat." Hyde grinned widely, looking immensely pleased.
"I don't know exactly how that's funny, and furthermore, I don't care." Ken said, smacking Hyde on the arm. "But I swear to you, if you start telling any more nasty stories about your sordid sex games with Gackt, I'm gonna pop you one."
"Did I tell you about the time I made Gackt wear panties?" Hyde glowed with perverse pleasure that was just as likely to be caused by the memory as of Ken's enraged look.
"I'm not kidding!" Ken roared, the cigarette at his lips dangling dangerously as he balled up his fists.
Cha felt the color drain from his face. He turned slowly to look at Yuki, who sat frozen stiff as if he was a deer caught in the conversation's headlights. Death was imminent, unless someone acted. He stood up abruptly, tugging at Yuki's arm. "Hey, how about that tour? I need to stretch my legs."
"Uh. Yeah." Yuki stood up, stumbling a little over his feet. "Lead the way." He scampered back out into the hallway, where he waited for Cha to catch up.
"You wanna start upstairs?" Cha asked, trying his best to sound casual. His mind was back to conjuring up images of limbs twisting in a comfortable bed, thoughts that didn't exactly make him feel relaxed and serene. He tucked his left hand in his pocket, and was just about to cross the fingers of that hand when he remembered how little luck he'd had with finger crossing so far. He slowly pulled his hand back out again. He wasn't necessarily a superstitious person, but it couldn't hurt to be cautious.
"Sure." Yuki said, turning to look back in the direction of the living room. "That should take us far away from the others."
Cha's heart made a small leap before he could remind himself that Yuki was probably just trying to avoid having to listen to any more of Hyde's stories. He forced a thin smile on his lips, trying his best to not look as awkward as he felt. "Right. Well, it's just up the stairs." He pointed, even though it was unmistakably obvious which direction to go since they were standing at the bottom of the stairway.
"I get it." Yuki grinned back over his shoulder as he started the ascent. "You want me to go first so you can check out my butt."
Cha snorted, trying to make his voice as thick with sarcasm as possible. "Yes, Yuki. That's exactly what I want." He snuck a quick glance, hoping he wouldn't get caught, and followed Yuki upstairs.
"Left or right?" Yuki said, waiting for him at the top.
Cha heard the lock of the bathroom door click, which meant Gackt was about to exit. He pushed the closest door open, praying that it wouldn't be a closet, and pushed Yuki inside. "Let's start in here." He quickly closed the door behind them, turning around to see where they'd ended up. To his relief, it wasn't a closet they'd stumbled into, but one of the empty guest rooms.
"So, this is it?" Yuki said, his voice sounding both somewhat skeptical and chapfallen. "You wanted to show me an old bed and some drapes?"
"No." Cha said smoothly, cracking his knuckles in preparation to work his magic. "The balcony. The view is the best in the house." He cast a quick look at his wrist watch. It was a bit past one, which meant they had missed the sunset by almost 3 hours. It was unfortunate, since sunset was the best time to make a move in Cha's opinion, but with a little luck the night would be clear and that was almost as good. He opened the door and stepped out on the balcony, closely followed by Yuki.
"Oh." Yuki said, his eyes growing big. "That is nice." He walk over to the rail, placing his hands on it and looking out over the horizon.
Cha looked up, and saw that not only was the sky clear and filled with the sparkling of a million stars, it was completed by a glorious full moon. Ah, perfect. Nobody could resist being romanced under a moon lit night sky. He snuck closer to Yuki, so near he was sure the drummer must feel his presence. "Now there's something worth looking at." As soon as Yuki had been properly awestruck by the beauty of the night sky, he would of course claim that he hadn't meant the moon at all, but was admiring the drummer.
Yuki seemed to snap out of his train of thought at the sound of Cha's voice. But instead of looking up, he leaned his elbows against the rail of the balcony and peered out into the night. "Hey, look! Daisies."
"What?" Cha blinked, not sure how to counter this unexpected response.
"Down there, on the lawn." He leaned over the rail, stretching out his arm to point down at the grass.
"Oh... You like flowers?" Cha crossed his arms in uncertainty, leaning forward a bit to peer over Yuki's shoulder.
Yuki shook his head a little. "No, not particularly. It just looks funny from up here."
Cha just stood there, arms still locked across his chest, not sure what to do next. "Oh..." He'd have to come up with a new strategy, but if a moonlit balcony didn't do the trick, he didn't know what would.
Yuki straightened up and turned in one smooth, catlike motion, bumping into Cha as he did. He yelped, obviously startled, and retracted. "Aaaaah!" His feet fruitlessly kicked the air for a split second.
Cha cringed at the sound of branches breaking followed by a loud thud. Horrified, he inched closer to the edge and looked over. "You ok?"
Yuki groaned laconically, rustling the bushes and breaking twigs as he moved. "Yeah."
"I, eh- Hang on!" Cha bolted down the stairs, feeling as if his intestines were about to explode with panic. He hadn't killed Yuki, which was fortunate, but he could still have injured him seriously. It was also likely that Gackt would maim Cha for pushing the drummer into his hydrangeas; another good reason to panic. He swerved at the bottom of the staircase, almost falling over in his frenzied sprint.
"Where are you going?" Gackt called out after him from the living room.
"Yuki fell off the balcony!" Cha yelled over his shoulder, dashing for the front door. He yanked the door open, throwing himself out into the night in search of Yuki.
He found him sooner than expected, bumping into the other chest first right outside the door. Time seemed to freeze as they fought to stay upright, Cha staring in wide-eyed shock and Yuki cursing loudly, fingers clawing desperately in the air searching for something to grab onto. "Shi- Ouch!"
They hit the ground hard. Cha instinctively braced himself, his palms scraping against the cold stone, but he could still feel the air being pushed out of Yuki like a deep sigh as he landed on top of him. They stared at each other, pain, confusion and disbelief making the air feel thick and heavy. They broke eye contact first at the sound of hurried footsteps as the others rushed out, scampering around them like busy mice.
Yuki grunted in discomfort as Cha shifted on top of him "You're not trying to kill me, are you?"
"No!" Cha pushed himself up enough to relieve the pressure on Yuki, and rolled off him into a ungraceful heap on the ground.
"I think he was trying to mount a rescue mission." Gackt snorted, leaning down to help Yuki to his feet.
"Oh. Uhm, thanks." Yuki looked down at Cha, smiling sheepishly as he straightened out his shirt and patted off his behind. "I was doing fine, though."
"I thought you were hurt." Cha pushed himself up into a sitting position, his cheeks burning.
Yuki grinned and shrugged. "Nah, the bushes broke my fall."
"What bushes?" Gackt suddenly snapped his head around, looking intently between Cha and Yuki.
Yuki pointed at the thick wines slithering up towards the balcony. "Those right there."
"My hydrangeas?!" He turned to stare furiously at Cha. "You pushed him into my hydrangeas?"
"It was an accident." Cha said meekly, peering up at Gackt. "And I didn't push him, he fell."
"You expect me to believe that a grown man just falls of a balcony like that?" Gackt was towering menacingly over Cha, looking very authoritarian with his hands on his hips.
"You believed it a minute ago." Cha pointed out submissively.
"That was before I knew where he landed!" Gackt growled, frowning so severely that it almost looked like he had a uni-brow. "People don't just fall off balconies."
Tetsu put his hand on Gackt shoulder, cutting the other off in the middle of his ravings. "It's not the first time."
Gackt spun around, facing Tetsu. The look of anger was replaced with skepticism. "Come again?"
"It's not the first time Yuki has fallen off a balcony. If I knew he'd be going out there, I'd have warned you guys." Tetsu smiled apologetically.
"I see." Any residual anger that Gackt might be feeling seemed to dissipate instantly. He finally bent down to help Cha off the ground as well, pulling at the smaller man so forcefully that he almost flung him back into the house. "Well, we shouldn't let this dampen our spirits. Everyone's fine." He gave Cha a sharp push in the back, forcefully ushering him inside. "Let's just get back to the game."
"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Ken interjected, looking hesitant. The way he fidgeted with the collar of his shirt made him seem bothered by the thought.
Gackt's face split into a feral snicker. "Ken, unless someone's dying, you're giving up that queen."
"Damn it." Ken twisted his face into a bitter grimace. "I'm so close to winning."
"Close doesn't cut it in this game." Gackt waited for everyone to file inside, closing the door after them. He sped up and caught Cha by the scruff of his neck. "And you're joining in at the next round."
"Me?" Cha said, squirming a little to get out of Gackt's grip. "Why?"
"So I can keep an eye on you. I obviously can't let you out of my sight." There was a tone of malicious pleasure in Gackt's voice as he spoke. "You'll get someone hurt, or worse, ruin my entire garden."
Cha would protest, but he knew it was no use. As long as Gackt had him in his line of sight, there was no chance of escape. "You're not being very fair, you know..."
Gackt snorted, patting Cha on the shoulder. "Now who ever said I was fair?"
Before long, Gackt had declared his victory over Ken, who sighed heavily and started reshuffling the deck. He grumbled something about payback and bitches as he slid the edges of the cards gracefully between his thumbs, fixing Gackt with a death glare before cutting the deck with a swift, single-hand movement. Cha got the distinct impression that if Ken couldn't beat Gackt at an honest game of cards, he was determined to at least out-shine him with nimble fingers, a feeling that was cemented by the way Ken dispensed the cards into neat little piles with the tiniest flick of his wrist. It was shaping up to be a long night.
Much to Cha's surprise, it was You who quickly took the lead, closely followed by Tetsu. Both Gackt and Ken seemed to have completely forgotten the object of the game, quickly resigning to dropping out as their empty shot glasses started to pile up. Ken excused himself and went upstairs, presumably to go to the bathroom. He came skipping back down moments later, looking very amused as he clutched a large box to his side. "Who in this house owns DDR?"
Gackt's face immediately turned a serious shade of fuchsia. "...must be You's..." He mumbled, looking at the ceiling.
Ken squeezed the box to his chest, leaning over with laughter. "So is this where you get your dance moves from?"
"No..." Gackt said, picking up his discarded cards and hiding behind them. "It's just a good game, ok?"
Cha could have sworn he heard Ken softly singing 'mickey mouse, whoo!' as he dropped the box on the floor and slumped back into his chair.
Judging by the look on Gackt's face, he'd heard something similar. He stood up abruptly, clapping his hands together. "Who's up for a mexican slammer?"
"Euch, not that crap again." You frowned, not taking his eyes of his cards.
"What?" Tetsu said, looking up for a moment.
You sighed, rubbing his nose absent-mindedly. "It's this macho drink Gackt likes to chug down to impress people. Tequila and tabasco."
"I drink it because I like spicy stuff." Gackt looked somewhat affronted. "When I want to impress people with my macho prowess, I flex."
Tetsu shrugged, chewing at his lower lip as he moved his cards around. "I'll give it a try. And I'd like a six from you." He looked at You, holding out his hand.
"Anyone else?" Gackt asked, looking around the room.
Cha looked at Yuki, shaking his head mutely in warning. Yuki arched a brow at him, but seemed to take the hint. "I'll pass this time. I think I've had enough adventures for now."
Gackt grinned at Cha, the malicious twinkle back in his eyes. "I won't even bother to ask you, I doubt you've forgiven me for that one time I did talk you into trying it." He looked around the room again, arms crossed over his chest. "Should I get the rest of you girls some nice apple martinis?"
"I want a mexican slammer." Hyde suddenly decided.
Gackt frowned softly. "Are you sure, honey? It's a very strong drink."
Hyde smirked and nodded. "If I can handle you, I can take a little tabasco."
"Alright." Gackt said, turning to the last person in the room. "Ken, how about it? Slammer or girly drink?"
Ken hesitated for a moment. "I don't know about that tabasco thing..."
"Maybe you'd better not." Gackt tilted his head, sizing Ken up from head to toes with his eyes. "You don't look like you could handle it."
Ken twisted his lips, his eyes growing a shade darker as they narrowed. "If you can handle it, so can I."
"Alright, then. " Gackt said merrily, rubbing his hands together and exiting for the kitchen. He returned a few minutes later, passing out the drink. "You have to chug it." He pointed out as he handed Ken his drink. "On three. One, two -" They all slammed back their drinks, grimacing as the liquid went down.
"Wow, that does burn." Hyde coughed, wiping his lips with the back of his hand.
Ken sat petrified, eyes wide open and a hand clasped tightly over his mouth. He didn't make a sound, nor did he move. The only indication that he was still alive was the sweat forming on his face as it turned hot red, and his eyes watering until a trickle of tear ran down his cheek. He quickly shot out of his chair and disappeared.
"What did you do...?" Hyde looked back and forth between Gackt and the door that Ken had escaped through.
Gackt looked as pleased as a cat that had just swallowed a canary with feathers and all. "A regular mexican slammer has 40% tabasco. His was 90%."
Hyde gaped in astoundment. "That's just evil."
"Yes." Gackt said, grabbing a spoon to admire his reflection and pick at his newly bleached teeth.
Hyde closed his mouth, shaking his head and snickering softly before looking at Gackt through heavily lidded eyes. "You're so hot when you're bad."
"Bedroom?" Gackt said, putting the spoon down at once.
Hyde's eyes sparkled lecherously as he leaned forward. "Hallway!"
Gackt balled up his fist in front of his body, and Hyde quickly followed suit. "Yan! Ken! Pon!"
Cha let out a big sigh of relief as Gackt won. He didn't seem to be the only one that had been holding his breath in fear. They all watched silently as Gackt grabbed Hyde by the arm and dragged him off. You and Tetsu locked eyes, staring at each other without a word, until You finally spoke. "Do you have any threes?"
Cha looked around, not sure what to do. It was just the four of them left, and Tetsu and You were very deep into their game. Ken was probably busy throwing up in the garden, most likely aiming at the hydrangeas as revenge, and Cha didn't even want to think about what Gackt and Hyde were up to in the bedroom. The only person that wasn't currently terribly occupied with something was Yuki. It occurred to Cha just then that this was the perfect opportunity to make up some reason to slip away unnoticed. This time, he'd better pick a safer room, though.
"I need to pee." He said, standing up.
You frowned in concentration, shuffling the cards around in his hands. "Then go. You know where the bathroom is."
"Yeah, but you know I can't work that thing." Cha said, hoping it'd be just the excuse he needed to drag Yuki with him. "It's like... European, or something."
"Really?" Yuki straightened up in his seat a bit, looking both suspicious and curious.
Cha grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him out of the chair. "Come on, I'll show you." He dragged Yuki upstairs, ignoring the other man's mild protests of not needing to see any toilets.
"This really isn't necessary..." Yuki said, giving Cha a timid look as the other swung the bathroom door open. He was making no attempts to free himself from Cha's hand, though, which very likely meant he was protesting more out of formality than any actual reluctance.
"Shut up and get in." Cha hurriedly pushed Yuki into the bathroom, just in case Gackt and Hyde did decide to take their lovemaking to the hallway after all. He quickly stepped inside too, closing the door behind his back and locking it silently. He took a deep breath to steady his nerves, wishing he could have had just one more drink to boost his confidence. It was too late for that, though. They were here, and it was now or never.
Yuki was busy looking at the toilet, his hands clasped at the small of his back. "Wow, that is a funny looking toilet." He turned around, a faint blush creeping up his neck as he noticed how close Cha was. "Didn't you have to go to the bathroom? I've seen the toilet. I think you should just figure out how to work it for yourself." He was talking rapidly, trying to back up until he hit the sink with his backside and froze on the spot.
"I lied." Cha said, suddenly feeling calm and resolute. He took another small step forward, leaning in until their chests were nearly touching. "I've been thinking about you all night. I've been trying to figure out how to get you alone so I could do this, but we keep having these accidents." He slowly ran a finger down Yuki's temple and across his cheek. "I wanted to kiss you in the hallway earlier tonight, but then I almost got mutilated by the jacket of death. And then on the balcony, but you fell over the side." He traced his fingertips down Yuki's neck and collarbone, stroking the palm of his hand over the drummer's chest.
"Yeah. My butt's still hurting from that one." A slight crease formed between Yuki's eyebrows, his hands coming down to clasp his backside.
Cha's lips twitched, a brief snort of laughter escaping him. "Gackt always says that I'm a pain in the ass. I guess he's right."
"I'm inclined to agree with him." Yuki smiled weakly, shrinking an inch in height.
Cha ran the palm of his hand further down Yuki's chest, around to his back and coming to a rest at the small of his back. He spread his fingers open, brushing at the edge of the drummer's pants. "Perhaps I can change your mind."
Yuki hesitated for a moment, biting at his lower lip before grabbing Cha's shirt and closing the final gap, his mouth hungrily finding Cha's.
Cha, on the other hand, was in no mood to hurry now that things were finally going right. He pulled back slightly, gently brushing his lips against Yuki's, his hands trailing up the other's back in slow, soft movements. He ran his fingers up the drummers neck to cup his face lightly, his lips slowly caressing Yuki's.
Yuki's breathing was unsteady, shuddering every time Cha parted his lips even a little. "Stop teasing..." He mumbled against Cha's mouth, his voice coarse as if it were on the verge of breaking.
Cha slid his tongue against Yuki's lower lip, one last moment of teasing before opening his mouth and deepening the kiss. He snaked his arms around Yuki's neck, pressing their bodies as close together as possible. Yuki seemed perfectly content to step up the pace. His hands had already found their way under Cha's shirt, his fingernails raking thin lines against the warm skin on Cha's back. Cha broke the kiss, tilting his head to run his tongue over Yuki's collarbone and neck, delicately biting down on the exposed skin. Yuki sighed shakily, his head falling back as Cha nibbled his way up to the soft skin just below the ear.
Yuki had somehow gotten one of his hands tangled in Cha's hair, urgently pressing him closer to his throat, moaning in response to every touch. His other hand was pulling fervently at Cha's shirt, trying to expose more skin to his greedy fingers. "I want you. Right now." He murmured into Cha's hair, his hand abandoning the futile attempt to remove Cha's shirt and instead moving down between them to hastily unbutton Cha's pants. "Against the wall." He slid his hand inside, rubbing his fingers against Cha's erection. "Take me."
The reality of the situation hit Cha like a brick. This what what he wanted, he told himself. This was what he'd been working towards the entire evening. Or was it? Was he really satisfied with a quick, voracious tryst against the cold tiles of some bathroom? He certainly could have picked a better place, not to mention a better time. He felt his head spin as Yuki squeezed him tightly, panting against his ear. He steadied himself by wrapping his arms tighter around the drummer, burying his face in his neck. This wasn't the way it was supposed to be. Passionate and hurried, by all means, but not cheap and impersonal. He could tell by the way Yuki was easing him out of his pants while whispering sweet, comforting words, that this wasn't how he would usually prefer it either.
"Are you ok?" Yuki asked, cupping Cha's chin and lifting his face to look at him.
Cha blinked back at him, unable to respond. His mind was screaming at him to just tell the truth - it wasn't going to happen like this. "Yuki..." He started, but the words wouldn't come out. He felt strangely like he was caught in a trap. He couldn't carry on, and the truth seemed reluctant to be told. He could just turn around and walk out of there, if he could get his pants back on fast enough to avoid any awkward questions.
Yuki was staring at him, a worried frown creasing his forehead. "Chacha...?"
There was only one way that Cha could see to get out of this. He closed his eyes and slid to the floor. It was a cowardly escape, he knew that, but pretending to pass out drunk seemed to be his best option.

When Gackt emerged from the bedroom he and Hyde had disappeared to 15 minutes earlier, he was in a distinctly good mood. He hummed to himself as he skipped down the stair, his mind too preoccupied with images of a thoroughly ravished and now sleeping Hyde to pick up on any strange noises. He sauntered into the living room, zipping up his pants as he did. Plopping down in an empty seat, he put his legs up on the table and leaned back, arms behind his head. "How's the game going?"
You looked up from the pile of matchsticks he was arranging into interesting patterns, arching a brow at Gackt. "We've stopped playing."
"Oh, is that so?" He wasn't really paying attention, quite content to just make lazy conversation. "How come?"
"Everybody just disappeared." You pushed one of the matches carefully with his index finger, smiling to himself as the tailfin of his fish was completed. "It wasn't as much fun when it was just me and Tetsu playing."
Gackt picked up a stray pack of cigarettes from the table, turning it around in his hand a few time to examine the label and determine if it was good enough to smoke. He took a moment to gaze around the room, his sight still delightfully fuzzy in the corners. "Where did Ken go?" He pulled out two cigarettes, placing one behind his ear and lighting the other with a satisfied sigh, before tossing the pack back onto the table.
"He'll be back soon." Tetsu said, pulling a finger along the spines of books in Gackt's shelf. He stopped at a book with a violently purple cover, taking it out and flipping it open. "He's cleaning himself up in the kitchen."
"And probably taking great care to leave vomit smell on my towels." Gackt chuckled to himself, blowing a few poorly shaped smoke rings at the ceiling. "I guess I should be glad he's not using the ones in the bathroom." He continued, as if the subject was of vital importance. "That's where I keep the expensive, fluffy towels. You know, the good stuff."
"It'll wash out." You said, scraping the matches together and putting them back in the box. "Anyway, now that everyone's all partied out, I think I'm gonna go to bed."
"Good night, dear." Gackt grinned at him, leaning over to flick ashes into a nearby tray. "Say good night to Chacha from me when you pass the room he's sleeping in."
"I don't think he went to bed yet." You yawned and stretched, smiling contently as his joints cracked.
"Oh." Gackt frowned softly, twisting the burning end of the cigarette against the glassy surface of the ash tray until the ember had gotten a nice cone shape. "Then where is he?"
You shrugged, apparently not caring one way or the other where exactly Cha was. "I dunno. For all I know he could be off winning that bet you two had going."
"I doubt it." Gackt snickered, taking another deep drag on the cigarette before putting it out. "He had a lot to drink, I don't think he could get it up tonight."
"What?" You said, his carefree attitude suddenly gone.
Gackt leaned back in the chair again, getting comfortable. "You know, the alcohol." He waved a hand around in the air ambiguously, as if indicating some mysterious force of nature that everyone was aware of but no one really knew much about. "It does things to a man's ability to perform..."
"That's what you made a bet about?" You crossed his arms, momentarily twisting his lips together as if he couldn't believe what he was hearing. "That he was gonna nail someone?"
"We didn't actually bet on it. I was just teasing him." Gackt shrank a little in his seat, a light throb of guilt bubbling up inside of him as You looked at him. "You know, like a joke..."
You titled his head, eyeing Gackt skeptically. "Does Chacha know that?"
"Of course he does!" Gackt laughed, feeling more than a little uncomfortable under You's interrogating stare. "I mean, he has to realize..."
You shook his head in disbelief, a small smile curling the corners of his mouth. "Don't be surprised if he has you paying up in the morning."
"Come on, there's no way..." Gackt tilted his head, raising a brow to emphasize how impossible that situation would be. "The only person he could sleep with that isn't accounted for is Yuki. Would you do someone that threw you off a balcony a few hours earlier?"
"I'm pretty sure he really did fall." Tetsu said, looking up as he flipped a page.
"Well, anyway..." Gackt pulled the cigarette out from behind his ear and lit it. "I'm not worried. Chacha knows I was only kidding with him."
You shook his head again, yawning even bigger than before. "At any rate, it's your problem, not mine." He turned to head upstairs, passing Ken at the doorway of the living room.
Ken entered gingerly, stopping a few paces from Gackt. "Uhm, Gackt... I think I got some vomit on your towel." He looked genuinely apologetic, twisting his hands around in a nervous manner. "Sorry."
"That's ok. I suppose I had it coming." Gackt grinned, hoping to ease the other's discomfort. "To be honest, I'm just glad you used one from the kitchen."
"Well, the bathroom was, erm, occupied." Ken tugged carefully at the edge of his collar, the color of his face more and more starting to resemble that of a seriously ill person. "I, uh... I think Yuki is playing with himself in there." He sank down in a nearby arm chair, looking more than a little disturbed. "I could hear him in there. Moaning. 'Oh, Yuki!' That sorta stuff."
Gackt felt the color drain from his face. "Eh... Does anyone know where exactly Chacha went?" He put down the cigarette, his fingers trembling so bad he had a feeling he'd drop it in his lap otherwise, burning his most prized possession in the process.
"He had to go to the bathroom." Tetsu answered, nose still deep in the book.
"Oh, Christ." Gackt stood up so fast he knocked the book out of Tetsu's hands, almost stumbling over his feet as he rushed in the direction of the bathroom. "Chacha! It was only a joke!" He sprinted up the stairs, swerving around the corner as he reached the top and knocking into a pedestal carrying huge potted plant. He cursed and hopped on one leg, trying to regain his balance as he briefly wondered why the hell he thought it'd be a good idea to place it there. Finally, he reeled into the wall outside the bathroom.
"Chacha!" Gackt banged frantically on the door. "Open this door, right this minute!" He kept pounding on the door relentlessly. "If you're in there and you don't open up right now, you'd better be dead!"
His intense rapping was abruptly cut short as Yuki opened the door and peered out. "Is everything alright?"
Gackt felt as if he was about to throw up, and judging by the way Yuki looked at him, he wasn't the only one to think that. "Where's Chacha?"
"He's right here. He, uhm... Passed out." Yuki smiled sheepishly, a sharp blush tainting his cheeks.
"Oh. Thank goodness." Gackt leaned against the door frame, taking a deep breath to steady himself.
"What's up?" Yuki asked, curiously eyeing Gackt. "You seem upset."
"Ahaha!" Gackt straightened up instantly, panic stretching the corners of his mouth into a jaw-cracking smile. "It's nothing. Sometimes Chacha wanders off when he's drunk. One time, we didn't find him for two days."
"I see. " Yuki's smile seemed strained, as if he was relieved and embarrassed at the same time. "Well, you know exactly where he is this time. It's actually a good thing you came by, I could use some help getting him out of here."
"Right." Gackt said, pushing the door open fully. Cha was lying against a wall at the other end of the bathroom, his head slumped to the side. "Yuki... His pants are unbuttoned."
Yuki pressed out a thin smile, shrugging his shoulders lightly. "Yeah, he had to pee."
"Did he need your help to hold it or something?" Gackt snorted, walking over and pulling at Cha's arm to drag him across the sleek tiles of the bathroom floor.
Yuki grabbed the other arm, helping Gackt to get Cha out of the bathroom. "No, he just wanted to show me how strange your toilet was, since he was going up here anyway, and well..." He slung the arm over his shoulder, struggling to lift some of the dead weight. "Yeah, he passed out. As you can see."
Gackt had the distinct feeling that Yuki was skipping an awful lot of the details, but upon further consideration he decided he didn't really want to know. Instead of pressing the matter, like he usually would, he just nodded. "Yeah, that's pretty obvious." He grabbed both of Cha's arms, hoisting the smaller man up on his shoulders. "So, did he have time to pee before he passed out? 'Cause I really don't want to put him in one of my beds if he didn't, he might have an accident..."
Yuki's eyes grew wide, his nose twitching slightly. "He wets the bed?"
"You have no idea the hell we go through." Gackt said with a serious face, adding a solemn sigh for extra effect. "Can't let him drink anything for at least three hours before he goes to bed."

When Cha woke up, his mouth was dry and the world was tilting slightly. He flopped over onto his back, rolling towards the decline until the side of his ribs hit an obstacle. He opened his eyes gingerly, prepared to close them again immediately should the light be too strong. He was relieved to find that his surroundings were dimly lit, but not so pleased to see Gackt sitting at the side of the bed. He sighed, contemplating rolling over again and pretending to still be asleep, but he knew it wouldn't work.
"How are you feeling?" Gackt pulled his leg towards himself, removing his knee from Cha's side.
Cha took a deep breath, feeling his insides churn and bubble. "Like I had way too much to drink."
Gackt laughed softly, pulling the blanket up from Cha's hips and tucking it in around his chest."You must have had. I've never seen you pass out like that."
"Uhm. Yeah." As much as Cha hated to know that he was blushing, there was little he could do to keep the color from rising up his cheeks.
"I knew it." Gackt chuckled, his smile widening more and more with each gleeful breath. "You chickened out, didn't you?"
"Shut up." Cha rubbed his temples, glaring at Gackt. "You're too loud."
He visibly fought to suppress a giggle. "You lost."
"No, I didn't." Cha twisted his lips together, fighting the urge to pout.
Gackt arched a brow, leaning forward to rest his arms against his thigh. "You didn't sleep with him. You had the chance, and you backed out."
"That's the choice I made." Cha tucked his arms underneath his head, feeling curiously at peace with his decision. "I could have nailed him in that bathroom, but I didn't. I don't need to prove anything further."
Gackt sat in silence for a moment, a warm smile slowly spreading across his face. "No, you don't." He gave Cha a quick pat on the leg as he stood up. "I should let you get some more sleep. You look like shit."
Cha rolled over to his side, content to let sleep claim him for a few more hours, and then he remembered. "Are you going to tell everyone that I don't have some nasty STD?"
Gackt stopped at the door for a moment. "No."
Cha pulled the blanket over his head, deciding to stay like that for the rest of his life. "Didn't think so."
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